Why Lease A New Subaru?

Why Lease A Subaru?

The Benefits of Leasing Your Next Subaru Are Abundant

Here at Tucson Subaru, one question that our customers often ask us is "should I buy or should I lease?" It's a great question, and it all really boils down to personal preference. That being said, leasing has some great benefits that may make for a better ownership experience.

For starters, lease payments are almost always cheaper than payments on a loan. The reason for this is that when you lease, you're signing an agreement to pay for the depreciated value of the vehicle over the course of the lease term. That means that a smaller portion of a vehicle's value is being calculated into your monthly payment. So in the end, you get the same vehicle, but pay less for it.

Another great benefit to leasing is that you're not contractually tied to your vehicle for as long of a period of time. The average auto loan lasts about 60 months, whereas the average lease lasts only 36 months. While you own your vehicle outright at the end of a loan, at the end of a lease, you have options. You can either choose to purchase your vehicle (and convert it to a loan) or simply turn in the keys and upgrade to another new Subaru model, no strings attached.

Still have questions about leasing your next Subaru? Our team here at Tucson Subaru is happy to help. Simply contact us today, and we'll gladly go over more of the benefits of leasing your next Subaru.


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