Tucson drivers who want a durable, reliable automobile that's just as capable off-road as it is on congested city streets will love the 2022 Subaru Outback. In fact, for those who enjoy traveling off the beaten path, its Wilderness trim takes this already outstanding vehicle to the next level. At Tucson Subaru, we're excited to share some of the many upgrades and special details that this eye-catching edition includes. With the Wilderness trim, there's virtually nowhere that adventurous Outback drivers can't go.

Confidently Cross All Types of Terrain

Whether exploring the backroads of Tucson or taking an ambitious, cross-country tour, the Subaru Outback Wilderness will allow you to tackle just about any terrain. This model comes with a significantly increased ground clearance of 9.5 inches. It additionally boasts a formidable front skid plate as standard.

Built to capably handle rough, rugged terrain, the Subaru Outback Wilderness edition can comfortably clear large-sized obstacles on both paved and unpaved surfaces. It also has the enhanced X-MODE that's been re-tuned, upgraded, and streamlined to accommodate greater demand. The newly revised X-MODE driving mode has settings for deep sand, mud and snow, and it also includes added wheel slip so that drivers can power through challenging conditions.

Get Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as Standard

Outback Wilderness owners in Tucson get the benefit of symmetrical all-wheel drive as standard, and standard all-terrain tires. Symmetrical all-wheel drive offers both optimum power distribution and uniform stability. Thus, drivers get superior traction on all surface types and in all weather conditions. This vehicle additionally has off-road wheels and a full-sized all-terrain spare so that motorists are well-prepared for the unexpected.


To find out more about the Wilderness trim on the new 2022 Subaru Outback, feel free to call or come see us at Tucson Subaru today.

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