Subaru has continually made excellent changes to their lineups during their length as an automotive manufacturer. The Subaru lineup of vehicles have continuously gotten better and more refined as time has passed. Subaru has a slew of changes and upcoming models in their future lineups, and we at Tucson Subaru are all excited for the improvements that the brand has to offer.

Subaru WRX

An iconic model that became popular through its strong racing heritage, the Subaru WRX is coming with a new generation of models for 2022. The WRX has been redesigned for the new model year but will still have its traditional sedan body style. Additionally, as with previous model years, the WRX will be available with its high-performance STI variant. Stay tuned for the world premiere of the new 2022 Subaru WRX.

Subaru BRZ

A two-door coupe that delivers a light and agile driving experience, the Subaru BRZ is equipped with a fresh design for the 2022 model year. Enhanced with wider fenders and a more-sleek appearance, the new Subaru BRZ will be equipped with a more-powerful engine as well.

Subaru Solterra

The new Subaru Solterra is both Subaru’s first all-electric SUV and Subaru’s first all-electric vehicle. Set to arrive in the 2023 model year, this model will be equipped with an all-wheel drive drivetrain and will be home to some of Subaru’s best safety technology.

Subaru Outback Wilderness

Built on a platform that is already well-equipped for off-road travels, the new Subaru Outback Wilderness is an adventurous model that takes the Outback platform to the extreme. Compared to the other models in its lineup, the new Outback Wilderness sits higher off the ground and is equipped with a more-capable set of tires, along with a variety of other improvements.

Subaru Ascent: Onyx Edition

Given an all-black color treatment, the new Subaru Ascent Onyx Edition is a bold take on the original Subaru Ascent. From its comfortable interior to its wheel designs, everything on the Ascent Onyx Edition has been painted in black, and it includes several improvements to off-road performance.

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